How can a Fresh Corpse in a Cairo morgue be 3,500 years old?

From the Egypt of The Exodus, to an Egypt falling under an Islamic revolution Sinai is a time-slip thriller for our time.

In 1350 BC the Israelites are driven from Egypt, their journey through the harsh desert of Sinai, their plight and their story to forever be remembered as the Exodus.

In modern day Sinai academic Richard Corrigan discovers a missing German tourist. Suffering from extreme dehydration and talking in an ancient language the tourist recites a prayer to the Egyptian Sun God as he dies.

In revolutionary Cairo, the mysterious Elizabeth St. George takes Corrigan to a city morgue. The corpse he is shown is fresh, yet to his trained eye looks to be 3,500 years old.

In a leafy London street Jihadist terrorists storm Corrigan's flat. It appears he's got too close... but to what?

Praise for Sinai:
"Egyptology and quantum physics married up with historical fiction and all the attributes of a modern spy thriller: spies, religious fanatics, secret policemen and secret weapons… a ripping yarn."
- The Times

"Smethurst scores by never opting for the obvious path, and not laying on the time travel with a trowel. There remains a great sense of mystery."
- Birmingham Mail

You'll get:
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  • timeslip time travel quantum action adventure thriller egypt sinai exodus
    Language: English / Published: 18 June 2013


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